Not long ago, and quite close by... the Lalaloopsy ragdolls were stitched together with loving care, each from a different type of cloth. Crumbs Sugar Cookie was made from a baker’s apron, Dot Starlight from an astronaut’s spacesuit. Bea Spells-a-Lot was made from a schoolgirl’s uniform and Jewel Sparkles from a real princess’ dress. More and more Lalaloopsy dolls were sewn, each with button eyes and rosy cheeks and ringlets in her hair.

Each was given a cute little pet to keep her company. When the last stitch was sewn... the dolls magically came to life and took on the personality of the cloth from which they were made. Then, they and their pets moved to Lalaloopsy Land where each built a house all her own, made from objects they found there... cookies and tin foil, satin and pearls, pancakes, sprinkles and popcorn boxes. And there they lived happily ever after, with their pets, having fun-tastical adventures in a world full of silly surprises.

Kids 2-5
65 half-hours
MGA, Nickelodeon