A Netflix Orginal Series

Kulipari: An Army of Frogs

In a tale of bravery and heroism, a group of peaceful amphibians live in safety thanks to a magical Dreamcasting spell called “The Veil” which cloaks their home from the dangers of the outside world. Suddenly, their environment is under threat when two natural enemies, the villainous Spider Queen Jarrah and the Scorpion leader Lord Marmoo, band together to destroy “The Veil” and conquer the Amphibilands… unless an elite group of super powered frogs, the Kulipari, can stop them. 


Kulipari: Dream Walker

After the destruction of the Amphibilands in Season 1, Kulipari: Dream Walker continues the story in Nova Australis where the new inhabitants include Frogs, Lizards, Spiders, Platypuses and even Scorpions, who are all attempting to live in peace. The settlement is protected by the super-powerful Kulipari warriors with their poison-enhanced abilities and guided by Darel, The Blue Sky King.  But threats from the Outback are causing increasing concern; bandits, rogue Scorpions, and even savage raiders from the dark city of Cardigal are on the move. When Lord Darkan of Cardigal captures the Dream Walker, a young Kulipari whose abilities are the stuff of legend, it is time for Darel to lead a rescue mission – leaving Nova Australis in the care of young, inexperienced Kulipari who must quickly learn to be the heroes they were meant to be.
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Kids 6-12
Action / Adventure
13 x 26' or 3 x 66' + 2 x 44'